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Roof Leak Repair in Birmingham, Alabama

Stop the Dripping Today

Few things are as frustrating as a leaky roof that is constantly dripping. If your roof falls into this category, Shipp Roofing can help you. You don’t have to endure property damage or the sound of water drops anymore. Our professionals are well equipped and experienced to repair any leak. Give us a call today.

Immediate Repair Is Key

A leaky roof can be something that is commonly put on the back burner. However, not repairing the damaged section immediately can actually cause a lot of headaches down the road. A roof leak, if not repaired quickly, can grow into something much more serious and cost you more time and money in the long run. Shipp Roofing can help repair the leak as soon as you notice it. Let us help you.

What to Look For

When it comes to roof water damage, it can be difficult to know what to look for other than an obvious leak. There are four other telltale signs you can identify as well:
Curling Shingles
If water has gotten under your shingles, you will be able to notice the shingles beginning to curl and warp away from the plywood substrate. If you have shingles that do not appear to be flat on your roof, then a repair is necessary.
Musty Attic Smell
One of the first places that you may notice a roof leak is in the attic. You may not be able to notice a minor leak, but if the water has managed to soak through any of the insulation, there may be a mold and mildew problem. The mold and mildew can create a musty smell that can alert you to the need for a repair.
Water Inside Your Light Fixtures
When water has gotten inside your ceiling, the first thing it does is start to get into openings on lower levels. If you hear water dripping in any light fixtures, then it is very probable that you have a leak in your roof. This can put you in electrical danger, which makes it very important for you to get a repair as soon as possible.
Discoloration and Bubbling Paint
If you have noticed paint discoloration or bubbling on your interior ceiling or walls, there is a solid chance that you have a roof leak. Getting on the roof and finding the leak is a risky endeavor. Contact Shipp Roofing for all of your roof leak repairs.
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